Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (4)

Time for Teaser Tuesday!! This meme was started by MizB over at Should Be Reading. The basic idea is this. You take out the book you're currently reading and flip to a random page. Choose two (2) sentences from the page and post them here. AVOID SPOILERS! Anyone can participate at any time, so feel free to join in!

Here's mine. Currently, I'm reading a book called The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors by Michele Young-Stone. So far I'm like ADDICTED to this book. I'm kind of nervous about doing a review of it because I know exactly how it's going to play out. And pretty soon, if I keep reading all these amazing books, I'm gonna start to sound like a broken record! Well, here's my teaser...

"She thought about the summer's end, another boring school year about to begin, aboutthe dried blood caked on her knee--and her world exploded. It cracked open and Becca fell inside a whiteness that erased everything: the driveway, the tree, the long summer's day, the blood, the ice cream."

I don't know. I just liked it. The book is about a girl, Becca, who was struck by lightning, and a boy, Buckley, whose life was also changed by a lightning strike. These two sentences begin the description of Becca's experience being struck by lightning. The author, Michele Young-Stone was also struck by lightning at one point in her life, so I guess she should know :)



Wow, never heard of this book before but it sounds like a very cool concept! (And at least the author has done her research, so to speak).

Dazzling Mage

That is so scary. Being struck by lightening I mean. The description is unusual, but nice.


danya - I hadn't heard of this book either! But I found it at the library and it qualified for the 2010 Debut Author Challenge I'm doing, so I picked it up. So far it's awesome!

Dazzling Mage - Isn't it such a scary concept?! I like the description. I mean, getting struck by lightning probably isn't the easiest feeling in the world to describe.

by michele young-stone

Thanks for blogging about my book. I hope you like it. I think you will.

I'm working hard on book #2. XO Michele Young-Stone.


Michele Young-Stone- I published my review yesterday! If you want, you can read that! http://frommynightstand.blogspot.com/2010/08/handbook-for-lightning-strike-survivors.html

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