Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Debut Author Challenge!

Well, tomorrow's the first day of August...and I have some news! I decided to join in on the 2010 Debut Author Challenge hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren. It looks like a contest that's gonna be a lot of fun. Even for people who don't win, it's a crazy awesome challenge.

Basically, the idea is to read at least 12 YA or Middle Grade novels published by debut authors in 2010. Anyone can join in the fun, and you can jump in whenever. It's a monthly thing, so you don't have to have been participating since January. When you read a book that qualifies to be on the list, you go ahead and write a review of it. When you're sure your review is finished, post it on your blog (or Goodreads, Amazon, etc. if you don't have your own blog), then post the link on this page here.

On that page, you will also find links for the sign-up page where you will type in your name and your blog URL to let them know you'll be participating in the contest. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID! When I added my name to the list, I wrote my name, the blog's name, and my blog's URL. That is NOT what you're supposed to do. You are supposed to put in your name, your blog's name, and the link to your CHALLENGE POST (that would be this post right here). Ahem, oops. I fixed that...heheh.

Anyway, you'll also find a link to the page with the buttons you can grab. There's a whole bunch. You can choose your favorite. When you grab it, put it in your blog's sidebar to show your support!

There's also a page that has more detailed information about the challenge/contest. Check that out here for more information so you actually know what you're doing. Also on that page are some links you might find helpful in order to find some books for you to read. Not many of us can think of these things off the top of our heads, so those links are for sure gonna help ME, at least. Hopefully you, too. Anyway, the challenge begins tomorrow, the first day of August, and it will run to the very last day. Dude, check out this prize pack...

It's...pretty awesome! On this page you can find a list of what's exactly in there.

Here's my list of the books I plan to read for the challenge.

1. Split by Swati Avasthi
2. Wish by Alexandra Bullen
3. The Red Umbrella by Christina Gonzalez
4. The Owl Keeper by Christine Brodien-Jones
5. Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White
6. Claire de Lune by Christie Johnson
7. The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard
8. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
9. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
10. Sea by Heidi R. Kling
11. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
12. The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors by Michele Young-Stone

and one for good luck... :)

13. The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

So, I'll do the very best I can to read and review all those books. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on them one way or another.
So I'm pumped for this! Anybody gonna join me?? Comment below if you plan on participating!



I've heard of about half of those, but they look like great choices! I've only read Before I Fall (it's on my list too) and I LOVED it! Haha, read that one first!


Great list! I read The Sky is Everywhere and LOVED it! Hope you enjoy it too! I need to get crakin' on this challenge! I've only read TWO! Ooopsie! :)

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