Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (3) : Waves

Well...I guess it's that time of the week, huh?

I'm currently reading a book called Waves by Sharon Dogar. I'm like...4 pages in. So...I think I'll do one of those "open-to-a-random-page-and-pick-two-sentences" things. So here's two random sentences from that book.

"We're back on the cliffs. We practically live here now, as though if we stay up here for long enough our lives might become as clear and spread out as the beaches below us."

Well I guess that was kinda fun! Picking out random sentences from random parts in the book that I haven't read yet. I wish I could tell you what I think of the book so far...but I can't. Not yet. Hopefully soon I'll put up a review (after I put up the one for A Kiss In Time, which I finished this morning). If not, you'll see what I think so far in my weekend wrap-up post. So...with that, I'll get going. Have an awesome Tuesday, guys :)



Nice teaser! I love the randomness of this MEME....I do one each Tuesday myself. You never know what you'll find....thanks for sharing! Happy reading... ^_^


Gosh, I love that teaser. I don't know what the book is about but I want to read it based on that teaser :)


Isn't that a fabulous sentence?! I love it!!

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