Sunday, July 25, 2010

Header... FIXED!

Hey guys, I have really big news!! The header (in case you didn't notice when you came in) is totally FIXED! The text is sooo much better, the annoying "be trendy" part has been covered over, and the ad up top is less noticeable!! Exciting!!

See, I'm not super tech savvy. At least, not HTML savvy or anything like that. So I was kinda lost when it came to fixing it up. Soo... One of the blogs I follow, Pages, uses a template from the same website where I found mine (which, by the way, is pretty awesome. You can check out that website from the link over the header). I saw the template she uses on the actual website and I saw that she had managed to make some of the changes I needed to make. So I sent her an email desperately asking for her help and...VOILA! She totally helped me!

Kirthi, I am forever in your debt. Thank you so much :)


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